Parallax websites use various effects to add depth and interaction to a page when a user scrolls. Different sections can be synchronised with different visuals, reinforcing the content’s meaning and creating a fluid experience for the user as they scroll through the site. This is completely SEO friendly: the WebGL elements are added to a completely normal HTML page and do not interfere with it.

Visual Possibilities

WebGL’s speed enables the creation of beautiful visual content.

For tech brands, it can be used to create sophisticated and futuristic visuals:

It also has great potential for more artistic experiences:


The WebGL camera can be synced with the scrolling position, giving the impression of moving up and down in 3D space as you scroll, as on our homepage. Or instead of moving the camera, scrolling can control an animation. In this example, a stone in the middle of the screen explodes / rebuilds itself depending on the scroll direction. Scrolling could also control an object’s position on screen. In this example, scrolling makes a paper cup fly sideways over the page.

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